About Bankruptcy in Lakewood, WA

Important reasons to call now and make an appointment to discuss your options for debt relief:

You can file bankruptcy without waiting until you are behind on your bills, or have a foreclosure, garnishment or repossession.
You can file bankruptcy before you use up your savings and drain your retirement accounts.
A bankruptcy will usually allow you to keep all of your property, including your home and vehicle.
After your bankruptcy is over, your credit score will typically improve.
Once you've hired me as your bankruptcy attorney, you can refer creditors to me.

Julie Watson Attorney services to residents of Pierce, Kitsap, Thurston, Mason, Lewis, and Grays Harbor counties. Located in Lakewood, WA
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

  • Gets rid of unsecured debt, (such as credit cards, medical bills, personal loans)
  • Some debts are not dischargeable such as child support, student loans and certain taxes.
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:
  • A flexible tool that provides a payment plan based on your ability to pay.
  • Often used to save a home from foreclosure or vehicle from repossession.
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